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Bottineau Living

Classic, quality-built NE home with exceptional charm, detail, and an incredible backyard retreat. A few featu...

2214 University Avenue #

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Bottineau homes for sale

As part of northeastern Minneapolis, the Bottineau neighborhood has a great deal to offer today’s home buyers. The neighborhood has the boundaries of the Mississippi River, University Avenue, and Lowry Avenue NE. Bottineau gets its name from a legendary explorer and pioneer – Pierre Bottineau – who purchased a large section of land in the area in the mid-1800s. Many immigrants from different backgrounds settled in the Bottineau neighborhood and it still shares a diverse population and culture today. There are about 1000 residents currently calling the Bottineau neighborhood their home. Bottineau is just a short distance from downtown Minneapolis, making it a convenient place to live for professionals and those who like the big city lifestyle. One of the main buildings here is the Northeast Arts Association building which is where about 70 artists work. There is also an upscale café and a restaurant in the building that are both open to the general public.

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